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Bust'a Password is a
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is Bust'a Password?
Bust'a Password is an easy to use password generator. It generates random, memorable, medium strength passwords.
Q: Why another password generator - aren't there tons of these?
Yes. And Bust'a Password isn't trying to compete. The goal of Bust'a Password is to meet the needs of it's creator. Use it or don't use it, it's your choice.
Q: How does Bust'a Password generate passwords?
A word dictionary is used as the base for the password. Two words are randomly chosen and put together, the first letter of the second word is capitalized, then a random symbol is added, and finally a random two digit number. This makes for a completely random, medium strength password that is also memorable.
Q: Are the passwords recycled?
No. There is a dictionary of words and 8 symbols, plus the capitalization of the second word and the random numbers makes for the possible number of unique passwords around 4,000,000. New words will be added to Bust'a Password on a regular basis, thus increasing the number of unique combinations exponentially.
Q: Aren't passwords that use words easier to crack?
Not necessarily. First, Bust'a Password meets the needs of its creator, so anything else is a moot point. In terms of hacking, dictionary attacks are certainly faster, but the fact that we are concatenating two different words together, with a capital letter, random symbol and two random numbers, a brute force attack would still be required. How long a brute force attack would take is variable. The point is, Bust'a Password is designed to create memorable, medium strength passwords, and encourages frequent password changes to help thwart hacking.
Bust'a Password is also available for Windows Phone
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